The Mercer County Health Department is charged with overseeing the health response to disasters in Mercer County. We partner with the State Health Department, West Virginia Office of Laboratory Services, area hospitals additional health-care facilities, physicians/providers, Emergency Management, volunteers and many other agencies to accomplish this daunting task.

The department facilitates advance planning and preparation for Public Health disasters:

  • Healthcare System Preparedness (hospitals and other health-care facilities)
  • Public Health Preparedness (local health department planning and readiness)
  • Strategic National Stockpile (emergency medical countermeasures)
  • Behavioral Health (disaster impact support)
  • WV REDI (emergency assistance volunteers)
  • Epidemiology (communicable disease threats from disasters)
  • Continuity of Operations Planning (maintaining vital government services)
  • How the Community can prepare
  • Special Population (identify at-risk groups, compile resources)
  • Training and other assessments.

Any questions regarding the information on this page can be directed to Brenda Donithan, RN. Brenda serves as the Threat Preparedness Coordinator.

Her contact information is as follows:

Phone: (304) 324-8841